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  • Plisskien
    1. You need to have recording software. Example OBS recording with GPU or any sofware recording with GPU instead of using CPU to record...
  • Aaron
    Olá, envie um ticket e orientaremos você no processo de compra. No entanto, você precisará passar na verificação do ID.
  • J
    Entram em contacto para o email do pagamento
  • Marcos Teixeira
    Só não entendi muito a opção do pagamento. Me redireciona para o paypal mas eu não cadastrei nenhum e-mail para que entrem em contato...
  • Resolved
    Resolved replied to the thread Oh well.
    @Jimster480 is correct If we go over the banwaves within the past quater we see all of them are from exposed copy pastas or jme cheats...
  • Resolved
    Resolved replied to the thread Epiclan anticheat.
    Just check their website and find out yourself. If you're attending the lan they will request you to download their anti-cheat
  • Jimster480
    Jimster480 replied to the thread Oh well.
    I think you are confused about both the currency that the cheats are priced in as well as the actual features offered. Nowhere do we...
  • Admin
    Admin replied to the thread Oh well.
    The prices are in USD not EUR, you seem a little confused here? You hit the nail on the head here. You missed the Black Friday/Cyber...
  • C
    Caspar1337 posted the thread Oh well in Pre-Sales Questions.
    I would totally purchase this but it is outstandingly overpriced compared to other cheats man. Like 35 euro for 1 month and 25 euro for...