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League Cheats - 7/9/19 CSGO Cheat Update (Win 10 Pre-1903 Update) + GC & PL Testing

Hey all,
A new update should be live by the time you read this!

If you have a problem with setcursortype=0 on Windows 10 (pre 1903 or on 1903) then it should be fixed.

A new update for GamersClub anti-cheat will roll out tonight, Pro League shouldn't be too far behind.

You need to use the Login Updater or the online "Cloud" Updater to download the new version.

Happy cheating!

League Cheats - 4th Of July Sale $17.76 League Multi 1-Mo

Happy Independence day!!!! (At least for us Americans)

To share our excitement for independence day we have prepared a special sale.... This will go on only Until July 7th at Midnight EST.

God Bless America! :)

League Cheats - Customer Survey - New "Cloud" Updater - July 2019 Updates

Hey all,
It's July already and what a year it has been!
With so many updates to so many products we have continued to push the boundaries in our industry.

Over the past months we have rolled out a new site; optimizing mobile and desktop performance, new more friendly and stylish designs, new buy page & process and new rewards for customers.
Here at League Cheats we have also rolled out over 15 new payment methods in more than 60 markets globally! Making our software more accessible than ever before!

We have also constructed a satisfaction survey for everyone to give us feedback on our performance.
We know that today with the slow demise of CS:GO as a whole that many are looking to us to provide products for other games. While we have a couple projects in the works for other games; we are looking for feedback as to where we should invest the most time and effort.

We would really appreciate it if everyone filled out the survey here: TAKE SURVEY

As always... we don't have just one announcement to make!

Our staff mainly "Admin" has been hard at work building a new "Login Updater" platform for you all to use. Here in 2019 so many things are web based and we have taken that philosophy to heart.
We are proud to announce our "Cloud Updater": CHECK IT OUT & DOWNLOAD YOUR CHEATS HERE

This updater will generate a random name each and every time you download the cheat. Making it simple while moving away from anticheat-trackable naming patterns.

Last but not least we are very close to releasing updates for HL1 & HL2 cheats + Pro League CSGO & The addition of Pro League HL1 & HL2.

Current projects on the stack (in development) include:
Rust Multi

League of Legends Bypass
EAC 64 bit Bypass

Please keep an eye on the site for updates to these projects in the future!

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff

LeagueCheats - CSGO LC3.5 Cheat Update (Win 10 1903) 6/13/19 + Additional Payment Methods

Hey all,
First of all; with the newest Windows 10 Update 1903 rolling out en-masse in the past days.... users have noted crashes with the standard aimbot without setcursortype.

As such I have updated the cheat to work with the new Win 10 1903 version which has wrapped API's which are being used by the cheats by turning them into retpolines.
Please download a new version from the updater if you are affected by this problem. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 you will not be affected.
Those on Windows 10 will be affected soon as the 1903 update is going out for everyone (since the 3mo delay is up) at this point in time.

In the next days the HL1 and HL2 cheats will be updated to fix the same issue as this problem will affect all cheats using these API's.

Please be on the lookout.

There is also an update in testing for Pro League, so those subscribed or with access please keep an eye on that forum section :)

Second of all; we have also enabled quite a few new payment methods via our PaymentWall Gateway.
Feel free to explore the new payment methods here: https://leaguecheats.com/pages/paymentwall/

There are many new gift card, mobile payment and bank transfer options for those of you who can't use PayPal or Crypto.

Lastly; there is a new "cloud" Updater which is being tested at this point in time.
Hopefully it will be rolling out soon and it will make the old updater client optional/obsolete as it will allow you to download all your cheat updates directly through the forum. This is part of our effort to make the setup process simpler with all the information in one place.

Happy Cheating,
LC Management

EDIT: The CSGO issue will now be fixed for everyone! 6/15/19

LeagueCheats - CSGO LC3.5 GamersClub Cheat Update 5/17/19 + More

Hey all,
I have updated the GamersClub Version today with the new LC3.5 features (not to be used in Leagues please) along with a new updated authentication system.

The new version bypasses the new GC Anticheat, all other details will be in the GamersClub Section.

Download the new version from the Login Updater.

Also for everyone on the normal versions; I have updated them 2-3 days ago with various authentication changes. Please download new builds if you have authentication problems. If you continue to have problems after grabbing a new version then please put in a ticket.

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & LC Staff



Olá a todos,
A versão da GamersClub agora conta com as features da versão 3.5 (não utilize as funções na liga, por favor, as funções 3.5 são configurações mais agressivas) junto também com uma nova versão atualizada de autenticação.

Essa nova versão funciona no novo Anticheat da GC, mais detalhes estarão listados na sessão da GamersClub no fórum.

Faça o download da nova versão no Login Updater (desabilitem o bypass ativo, apliquem o novo).

E também para todos os clientes que utilizam nossas versões básicas, eu fiz uma atualização a 2-3 dias atrás com várias modificações no sistema de autenticação. Por favor baixem a nova build se você tiver problemas de autenticação ao tentar injetar. Se você continuar com problemas depois de executar essa nova versão, por favor, abra um ticket de suporte.

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & Equipe LC

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