Earn a Free Week of Your Current Cheat Subscription!

Earn a Free Week of Your Current Cheat Subscription!

Greetings League Cheaters!

We're rolling out a program to give current League Cheats customers the ability to extend their cheat subscription (CSGO Hacks, HL2 Hacks, HL1 Hacks) for an extra week.
Absolutely for free!

"HOW DO I DO THIS?" - You ask

Well, all we ask is that you upload a video to YouTube showing yourself using any League Cheats product (CSGO Hacks, HL2 Hacks, HL1 Hacks).
This can be in the form of a video montage or a product review. That is left up to you to decide.

Only videos uploaded after this post was made will count.​
Minimum video length of 2 minutes.​
You must include a link to the buy page in your video description.​
You must also include your forum name so we can identify you and reward you.​
Maximum of 1 video per month.​
Video must be kept uploaded for 60 days minimum.​
We reserve the right to stop this promotion at any time.​
You channel must have at least 10 subscribers.​

To Claim:
Create a support ticket with a link to your YouTube video.​
Remember we must be able to identify it is you so include your forum name in your video description.​

Only people who have followed the rules will be credited with a free week.
Any attempt to gain free time illegitimately will not be tolerated. We offer this at our own discretion.

LeagueCheats - CS1.6 Hack / HL1 Cheat Update / Sven Co-op Hack

Hi all,
I just finished doing an update on the HL1 Engine Hack. For those of you not familiar with this cheat, this is the CS1.6 Aimbot / CS1.6 Wallhack / CZ Aimbot / CZ Wallhack / TFC Wallhack / DMC Aimbot / HL1 Aimbot / HL1 Wallhack and now it is also the Sven Coop Aimbot / Sven Coop wallhack.

The update tonight is mostly for the purpose of adding support for Sven Co-op/Sven Coop.
Additionally the cheat is now built on our new build server platform with additional security, similar to our CSGO hacks!

I just finished testing on a few maps and the cheat seems to be working as it should. I have no experience in playing this game so I have no idea what to expect.
Anyone who is playing this game or who is familiar with it can give me feedback about the nature of the cheat and if any other changes should be made to better help players with this game in particular.
Right now the weapon ESP is "broken" in that its not showing the proper names for all guns. If there is interest from the community in playing this game specifically; I will put more time into fixing the Weapon ESP in particular. Otherwise the rest of the features are working fine.

This is the same Aimbot & ESP that you will have in all the HL1 based games (as shown above).

Having a Sven Coop ESP / Wall / Aimbot / Dlight is a unique offering as there aren't other sites currently offering this type of cheat.

As always the updates can be downloaded via the Login Updater or Cloud Updater!

If you aren't currently a customer and you are interested in checking out our HL1 cheats you can do so here:

Or if CSGO hacks are your thing:

Or maybe even Source:

A new HL1 review video should be up soon but for now I will leave you with a CSGO hack Fragmovie by youtuber Plisskien once again!

Happy Cheating!

-Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff

LeagueCheats - CSGO Build Server Update + New Promo Fragmovie

Hey all,
An update was done last night to the build server. This update will provide massively greater randomization and security to our generated builds.
Feel free to download a new build and check out the updates! The CSGO Aimbot also has had a small bugfix in the last week which has been tossed into this new update.

In the coming days there will be updates to the GC Private & Pro League versions which will include the bugfixes and will be built with the new builder code.

The HL1 and HL2 Cheats are also slated to be rebuilt with the new builder and you can expect updates within a week for both of these versions.

An updated Loader for all versions is currently in the works which should minimize conflicts & tickets related to injecting. The new loader update will allow the loader to detect drivers, overlays and other softwares which may impede the cheats working and notify you so that you can close/disable them. The loader will also contain some new code that will help to combat against some rudimentary blocks put in place by windows settings & firewall that cause many people to create tickets for simple problems.

Check out this fragmovie of our CSGO cheats done by Youtuber Plisskien;

As always the updates can be downloaded via the Login Updater or Cloud Updater!
Happy Cheating!

-Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff

LeagueCheats - CSGO Hack / CSGO Aimbot / GamersClub Hack Update - 9/23/19 (9/24/19 Edited)

Hey all,
I have just finished uploading the newest CSGO Aimbot update. This patch applies to everyone.

After a few users noticed that the CSGO cheat was improperly detecting (or failing to detect) certain grenades or knives the cheat has been updated to fix these problems.

All grenades and knives should now be properly detected and settings will not be dumped / combined with other settings after switching to the bomb or grenades.
This should also fix the problem of standalone recoil on the bomb/grenades. If you run into issues with any of these things; please notify me so that it can be fixed.

By the time you read this; the newest versions should be on the updater.

Please be advised that you must download a new version from the Login Updater or Cloud Updater in order to have the newest version. Rebuilding the cheat or simply keeping the same files will not give you a new version.

As usual you can buy the normal versions of the CS:GO hacks here :

You can also download the new version from here

If you're interested in GamersClub or Pro League please submit a ticket here :
Happy Cheating!

-Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff

EDIT: 9/24/19 - A "settings file not found" bug has been fixed. Anyone experiencing this issue can re-download the new version today.

League Cheats - CSGO Hack Update & CS1.6 Hack Update 9/6/19

Hey all,
I have new updates out for both the HL1 Hack / (CS1.6) & CZ Hack as well as the CSGO Cheats including the GamersClub Hack.

A few days ago a bug was brought to my attention regarding the CSGO Hack specifically with the standalone recoil function. People were reporting that despite saving the settings from the standalone recoil... that it was turned off every time they started the game.
I have looked into the bug and determined that it had to do with the wrong values being looked for at load time vs what value was being saved with "Save on Close". So I am pleased to announce that the CSGO hack bug is now fixed and people can use the standalone recoil as they please.

I can also confirm that I tested the CSGO GamersClub Hack on FastCup GameGuard and it is indeed working. So if you are looking for a FastCup Hack / GameGuard Hack for CSGO or CS1.6 GameGuard Hack then you are in luck. The HL1 Pro League is working fully on that client and there are tournaments currently going on.

The CS1.6 Hack has been updated so that the config can be reloaded while in the game. Additionally the CS1.6 Hack now has the ability for you to change the main toggle keys (reload, menu, panic) and it has been validated working on all mods but DoD. With the raw input compatibility you can play all the old games which no longer work on the new high res Windows 10 computers of today!
Finally, the last bugs with toggling the features have been fixed. Any "stuck toggles" with NoHop, Team Aiming or AutoShoot have been fixed.

As always the new updates are available via the Login Updater / Cloud Updater.

Happy Cheating!

- Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff

Recent CS1.6 Hack Images:

League Cheats - 8/28/19 HL1 CS1.6 Hack Pro League Released

Hey all,
HL1 Pro League is now available. While we prepare the section & form, you can currently apply for the cheat via tickets.
Please put in a ticket if you are interested, the validation process will be similar to that of the Gamers Club Private.
Price will start at $37.50/mo.
The cheat is working on EAC, myAC. If you want to have it tested on another client, please let me know.

It is not working with a WarGodz scan at this point in time, a new bypass for WarGodz will come out sometime soon as it requires a separate module to bypass the WarGodz specific scans.

The features are the same as the HL1 Multi.

To purchase the Pro League hacks please open a ticket here.

There will be a new HL1 Multi update tonight as well as some features have been fixed such as;
Team Aim Toggling
NoHop Toggling (gets stuck on)
Bone Aimbot Auto Shoot Toggling
The new versions should be available in the updater by the time you read this.
Happy Cheating!
-League Cheats Administration

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