League Cheats - CSGO Hack Update & CS1.6 Hack Update 9/6/19

Hey all,
I have new updates out for both the HL1 Hack / (CS1.6) & CZ Hack as well as the CSGO Cheats including the GamersClub Hack.

A few days ago a bug was brought to my attention regarding the CSGO Hack specifically with the standalone recoil function. People were reporting that despite saving the settings from the standalone recoil... that it was turned off every time they started the game.
I have looked into the bug and determined that it had to do with the wrong values being looked for at load time vs what value was being saved with "Save on Close". So I am pleased to announce that the CSGO hack bug is now fixed and people can use the standalone recoil as they please.

I can also confirm that I tested the CSGO GamersClub Hack on FastCup GameGuard and it is indeed working. So if you are looking for a FastCup Hack / GameGuard Hack for CSGO or CS1.6 GameGuard Hack then you are in luck. The HL1 Pro League is working fully on that client and there are tournaments currently going on.

The CS1.6 Hack has been updated so that the config can be reloaded while in the game. Additionally the CS1.6 Hack now has the ability for you to change the main toggle keys (reload, menu, panic) and it has been validated working on all mods but DoD. With the raw input compatibility you can play all the old games which no longer work on the new high res Windows 10 computers of today!
Finally, the last bugs with toggling the features have been fixed. Any "stuck toggles" with NoHop, Team Aiming or AutoShoot have been fixed.

As always the new updates are available via the Login Updater / Cloud Updater.

Happy Cheating!

- Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff

Recent CS1.6 Hack Images:

League Cheats - 8/28/19 HL1 CS1.6 Hack Pro League Released

Hey all,
HL1 Pro League is now available. While we prepare the section & form, you can currently apply for the cheat via tickets.
Please put in a ticket if you are interested, the validation process will be similar to that of the Gamers Club Private.
Price will start at $37.50/mo.
The cheat is working on EAC, myAC. If you want to have it tested on another client, please let me know.

It is not working with a WarGodz scan at this point in time, a new bypass for WarGodz will come out sometime soon as it requires a separate module to bypass the WarGodz specific scans.

The features are the same as the HL1 Multi.

To purchase the Pro League hacks please open a ticket here.

There will be a new HL1 Multi update tonight as well as some features have been fixed such as;
Team Aim Toggling
NoHop Toggling (gets stuck on)
Bone Aimbot Auto Shoot Toggling
The new versions should be available in the updater by the time you read this.
Happy Cheating!
-League Cheats Administration

League Cheats - 8/26/19 GamersClub Hack Update - Improved Security!

Hello everybody!

We're happy to announce the new GamersClub Private version! With improvements to our security, this new version comes with a brand new application method. Make sure to download the new version here:

Also don't forget to unnapply the old version before, but we are sure you already know that!

Aiming to make it easier for our customers, we have also made an easy step-by-step tutorial with gifs that might help you locate yourself within the files for the installation.

Check the thread here:

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff


Olá a todos!

Nós estamos muito felizes em anunciar a nova versão do Privado da Gamers Club! Com vários aprimoramentos na nossa segurança, essa nova versão contém um novo método de aplicação. Certifique-se de baixar a nova versão aqui:

Não se esqueça de desaplicar a versão antiga antes de instalar a nova, mas todos nós sabemos que você já sabe disso!

Procurando deixar tudo mais fácil para nossos clientes, nós também deixamos preparado um tutorial bem fácil de seguir com gif que irão com certeza lhe ajudar a se localizar nos arquivos para a instalação.

Você pode verificar o tutorial por aqui:

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff

League Cheats - 8/14/19 HL1 CS1.6 Hacks Updated

Hey all,
I know that this update has been a long time in the making... but I am glad to finally release it for you guys!
A lot of changes have been made to the CS1.6 cheats both for stability and compatibility.

The Cheat is updated and working on most CS1.6 servers (some mods cannot be supported) and it works fully on Condition Zero, Team Fortress Classic, Half-Life, Deathmatch Classic, and should also be working fine on Day of Defeat 1.3.
In order to provide Condition Zero hacks, some changes had to be made to the entity validation system.
The same applies to some of the more modern CS1.6 servers, where the CS1.6 Aimbot was not working.

Breakdown of Changes
  1. Entity Validator Updated & Adjusted
  2. BoneAimbot Fixed
  3. NoHop Added
  4. SuperSmooth Added
  5. Aimclose Algorithm vastly Improved
  6. Aimbot Accuracy Improved
  7. Raw Input support added
  8. Cheat Display Updated (Provides Red & Green colors based on Feature Activation)
  9. Full String encryption updated
  10. Build server Integration improved (similar to CS:GO)
  11. Packer workaround Applied
  12. Fixed Aim @ Everyone (For DMC, HLDM, TFC, certain CS1.6 Mods, etc)
  13. Authentication problems fixed for newer W10 users.
  14. Injection Launch Screen Color Bugs Fixed.
  15. Round End / Server Join Bug w/ Features Enabled Fixed (in some cases)

Known Requirements / Workarounds
  1. To use the Team Fortress Classic Aimbot you must disable Team Based Aiming.
  2. To use the cheats in CS1.6 Zombie Mod you must disable weapon ESP (or don't use full ESP) and disable Team based aiming.
  3. To use the Deathmatch Classic Aimbot, You must aim at the target team or disable team based aiming (toggle with Home key).
  4. Bhop may not always work, depends on game and physical map.
  5. Bone Aimbot Bones may not be the same in each game / on every model. Please keep this in mind when using the cheats on a variety of mods.
  6. Day of Defeat Aimbot requires adjustment of Team Based Aiming depending on which mode you are playing.
  7. Weapon ESP May not be available in every mod on every game.
  8. Name ESP is currently disabled in the cheat for compatibility issues.
  9. You must use the Panic Key to disable all features prior to joining a new server / server rounds ending. Failure to do so may result in a crash.
  10. Graphical settings must be adjusted prior to injecting the cheat (Open the game, Set your Graphics Settings, Close Game, Load Cheat, Load Game Again).
  11. If you are auto team balanced (CS1.6 / CZ) your team will not change according to the cheat (aimbot will work only on your friends, etc) unless you manually change team again to the team you are on (ex. ATB to CT from T, You must Repick a CT class)
  12. If other players are ATB to your team, they may still appear as being on the enemy team. Same if the players are ATB to the enemy team... there is no workaround at this point in time. You must change aiming settings or rejoin the server. This is a HL engine bug as of 2017.

Cheat is also Prepped to have a HL1 Pro League Version ($35)... This version will launch very soon and will support EAC leagues, AAC, myAC, and other driver based anti-cheats.

As always the update will be available via the Login Updater or the Cloud Updater by the time you read this!

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff


League Cheats - 7/9/19 CSGO Hacks Updated (Win 10 Pre-1903 Update) + GC & PL Testing

Hey all,
A new update for the cs go hacks should be live by the time you read this!

If you have a problem with setcursortype=0 on Windows 10 (pre 1903 or on 1903) then it should be fixed.

A new update for the GamersClub Counter Strike Global Offensive anti-cheat will roll out tonight, Pro League shouldn't be too far behind.

You need to use the Login Updater or the online "Cloud" Updater to download the newest version of the cs go hacks.

As usual you can buy the normal versions of the cheats here :

If you're interested in the GamersClub hack or the Pro League cheats please submit a ticket here :

Happy cheating!

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