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LeagueCheats - CSGO LC3.5 GamersClub Cheat Update 5/17/19 + More

Hey all,
I have updated the GamersClub Version today with the new LC3.5 features (not to be used in Leagues please) along with a new updated authentication system.

The new version bypasses the new GC Anticheat, all other details will be in the GamersClub Section.

Download the new version from the Login Updater.

Also for everyone on the normal versions; I have updated them 2-3 days ago with various authentication changes. Please download new builds if you have authentication problems. If you continue to have problems after grabbing a new version then please put in a ticket.

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & LC Staff



Olá a todos,
A versão da GamersClub agora conta com as features da versão 3.5 (não utilize as funções na liga, por favor, as funções 3.5 são configurações mais agressivas) junto também com uma nova versão atualizada de autenticação.

Essa nova versão funciona no novo Anticheat da GC, mais detalhes estarão listados na sessão da GamersClub no fórum.

Faça o download da nova versão no Login Updater (desabilitem o bypass ativo, apliquem o novo).

E também para todos os clientes que utilizam nossas versões básicas, eu fiz uma atualização a 2-3 dias atrás com várias modificações no sistema de autenticação. Por favor baixem a nova build se você tiver problemas de autenticação ao tentar injetar. Se você continuar com problemas depois de executar essa nova versão, por favor, abra um ticket de suporte.

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & Equipe LC

LeagueCheats - CSGO LC3.5 Cheat Update 5/9/19

Hey all,
Just pushed out a new update for all versions outside of Pro League and Gamers Club.

New CSGO offsets have broken a few of the features. Pro League & GC users are not affected because these features are not usable on Pro League and GamersClub versions

Please download the new Update from the Login Updater!

Our LC3.5 sale is still going on!
Check out the news & links here:

Happy Cheating,


LeagueCheats CSGO LC3.5 - Major Sale! News Inside!

Hey Everyone,
I'm proud to finally unveil LC3.5! I've been hard at work building and bug fixing these new features for you all to enjoy!

Here is a synopsis of the work done:

LSD Aimbot Enabled (Aimbot 2 / 3) - Multi & Up

  • "Rage/Performance" Aimbot with Bone & Vector control
  • Vector Maker for Aimbot 3
  • LSD Aimbot Separate Recoil settings (new for those who have used LSD in the past).
  • LSD Aimbot Limited to Aimclose 1
  • Vischeck with Autowall Default (Vischeck 1 only)
  • Autowall based on gun values
  • Aimdraw added for LSD (Only use for aimspot Placement & vec building as it slows the aimbot down significantly).
Autowall Enabled (Aimbot 1-3) - Multi & ESP Versions

  • VisESP 6 For "Autowall ESP" Can give you an idea if a gun can penetrate through an object and hit a player.
  • Autowall for Legit aimbot for "tricky" situations
  • Autowall on LSD (Performance) Aimbot.
  • Triggerbot 3 (Triggerbot 2 with AutoWall)
  • TVischeck 3 (Triggerbot 1 with AutoWall)
Multi-Config Support

  • SecondReload key added: This reloads a config of "secondConfig".
  • This can be cascading (the second config file can have a new "secondConfig" and then load a third config)
  • Initial reload key will reload first config only.
New Recoil Menu Added

  • Control "Standalone recoil" directly.
  • New "recoilafter" for standalone recoil.
  • Control key directly so it can be used alongside the aimbot (not in the same shot, but you could toggle the aimbot on some shots with aimkey and the standalone recoil with another aimkey).
  • This can also be used with aimtime where the aimtime expires and the standalone recoil takes over.
  • StandAlone recoil values independent of the main recoil values
  • Removed RecoilType entirely (RecoilType 4 is now the only recoil available in main Legit Aimbot).
  • Standalone Recoil Type 5 (RecoilType 5) removed entirely.
  • Windows Sensitivity settings removed (now processed automatically).
New ESP Features

  • Visible ESP 6 - ESP with Autowall (helps to see if the player could be seen through the wall)
  • ESP Processing Optimization
Misc Changes

  • Setcursortype 2 (Pro League Exclusive) now Improved.
  • Aimkey 7 Added (Uses Aimbutton & Aimbutton 2 for double aimkeys)
  • Triggerkey 7 Added (Uses Triggerbutton & Triggerbutton 2 for double Triggerkey)
  • Changes to Auth system to avoid auth failures and incorrect/accidental blocks.
Stay Tuned for LC3.5 updates to Pro League & GamersClub versions. There are new additions being made to the DiveDeep bypass which expect to be completed this week!

For those who MEET THE REQUIREMENTS; try out our new Pro League Application form:

Along with this new release we are having a sale to commemorate the new version!

1 Year for $125
1 Month for $15.50

We have lots more exciting updates to come in the near future; including updates for HL1 & HL2 Cheats (with support for new anticheats) and more news about Rust, Apex, ESEA and more!

As always you can find and download new versions of the cheats by using the Login Updater!

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & LC Staff

LeagueCheats April Update - New Buy Page & LC3.5 News & More

Hey everyone,
I know we have been silent (at least in terms of news updates) in the last few months but... we have been hard at work!
Tonight we just rolled out a whole new buying page experience (for the CSGO hack); this includes a CSGO landing page + a Features Breakdown Page + a new buy page! All of this was done courtesy of our staff member @xans ; go and check out the new pages as they are awesome (and mobile friendly).
All of the information is clear and concise with all relevant information presented front and center! Please let us know what you all think!

Secondly we have updates for Xenforo (the forum) which are rolling out quite soon. We are migrating to XF2.1 with some new site features (such as automatic translations) as well as improved layouts, a dark mode and improved website features such as a better VIP syncing system (it will be instant now) and faster loading times.

Last but not least; the release of LC3.5 is around the corner! In this release we are enabling the secretive and private LSD aimbot for everyone. This also will come with features such as auto-wall (available in both LSD and normal aimbots), an improved recoil system (with the ability to use standalone recoil and aimbot recoil at the same time), a vector & bone version of LSD (with a vec-maker), a system for multiple configs (you will get a second reload key that will reload a second settings file of your chosen name), the ability to set 2 aimbuttons and 2 triggerbuttons (aimkey & triggerkey 7 respectively), and finally an improved auth system that should have less conflicts (or hopefully no conflicts) with some other applications on the market.

You can stay tuned for other updates in the very near future as we plan to make content creation a task for staff (and we are looking for staff who can help us in content creation; so feel free to put in a ticket if you wish to apply to be staff).
We are also working on rolling out auto renewals in the near future for those who pay for the same subscription every month / 3 months / etc.
There will also be the launch of a new affiliate system on XF2 which will let YOU MAKE MONEY from LC by referring your friends / colleagues or promoting LC on various social networks / YouTube.

HL1 + HL2 Cheat updates are still in the works and Rust is also on track for release by the summer months.

Check back weekly for more updates!

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff :)

League Cheats - CSGO Cheat Update 1/24/19

Hey all,
CSGO just updated about an hour ago.... some of the offsets changed so there is a new version out now.

This version is specifically to fix Armor values which are broken in the new version of CSGO.
If you don't use armor ESP (or if you don't use ESP at all) you don't have to update to the new version.

To download the new version you will need to Download the Full CSGO Hack from the Login Updater.

The GamersClub and Pro League Versions of the CSGO hacks have been updated as well.

Happy Cheating!

-LeagueCheats Staff